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Northwestern Study of Success

New study confirms again Teen Challenge high cure rate!

A study supervised by Northwestern University in Illinois proved again that 86% of Teen Challenge graduates remain drug free after completing the Teen Challenge Program.

The study lasted three years and included graduates from across the United States. The study’s findings demonstrate a marked difference between secular drug treatment programs and Teen Challenge. This survey, like others, attributed the success of Teen Challenge to its spiritual aspect, known as the “Jesus Factor.”

The study was consistent with the findings of a 1994 University of Tennessee study that also showed a phenomenal success rate. The study says that:

Nearly all graduates have escaped the “revolving door phenomenon” of substance abuse treatment.
Most students in the program felt that it was a privilege to be there and were thankful for the program.
Graduates described their experience at Teen Challenge as revolutionary.
84% of graduates attend church
Most secular programs cost from $7,500 to $3,500 for one month. Teen Challenge can help a person for an entire year for a fraction of the cost.
Graduates were more likely to be living normal lives, holding down jobs, and not needing further treatment.
The two most powerful features of the program are: work training and discipline.
Only 41% of other programs’ graduates were employed one and two years later, and 91% of Teen Challenge graduates were employed.
Society need not write off drug abusers; cures can be expected. Productive participation in society by former addicts is not unrealistic.