About Us

  • The History and Future of Teen Challenge of Wisconsin
  • 1958

    Teen Challenge was founded in 1958 in Brooklyn by Rev. David Wilkerson. The original center was established to help young drug addicts and gang members in the New York City area.

    The story of how this first center was started is told in the runaway best selling book The Cross and the Switchblade. This book has sold over 35 million copies.

    Today, Teen Challenge has over 120 centers in America, almost 300 world-wide, and is the largest faith-based rehabilitation program in the world.

  • 1983

    Teen Challenge here in Milwaukee was founded by a group of business-men and ministers. The first men’s residential program opened its doors in May of 1989.

  • 1994

    Our men’s “Center of Hope” facility was opened in a former nursing home located at 9222-36 West Appleton Avenue.

  • 1999

    Our women’s program was started in Waukesha. In 2001, we moved our women’s program into a building located at 727 North 31st Street. The building was donated by The Fleck Foundation. This new facility became the “Robby Dawson” Home for Women.

  • 2002

    Teen Challenge obtained a car lot next door to the men’s center. We opened a Vehicle Donation Program to help raise operating income.

  • 2003

    Teen Challenge celebrated its 20th year anniversary taking in the largest group of students ever.

  • 2004

    Teen Challenge conducted an intense nine months of strategic planning with the help of Berkey, Brendle, and Sheline. In October the plan was presented to the Board and Staff of Teen Challenge.

  • 2005

    Teen Challenge is in the process of adding additional bed space at the “Robby Dawson Home for Women.”

    Will you please consider praying for the future of our work here in Wisconsin. We would like to help more people. We would like to do this as the Lord leads and directs us by his Holy Spirit. If you would like a copy of our strategic plan please request one at your convenience. Thanks!