How to Apply

Our goal at Teen Challenge is to help make the application and induction process as easy as possible. Listed below are a few simple steps that will help guide you in the application process. Teen Challenge is here to help you begin the process of dealing with life controlling problems.

Step 1: Simply download the:

Step 2: Fill out the application and carefully read through all the information provided.

Step 3: Call 414-748-4357 (HELP), email, or stop in at Teen Challenge and talk to our Intake Staff.

Step 4: Make an appointment with your doctor and take care of the medical test requirements. If you don’t have a doctor you must find a walk in or free clinic in your area that is able to perform the needed tests. If there are no available clinics in your area feel free to contact us at Teen Challenge and we will help direct you to a clinic here in the Milwaukee area.

Step 5: Read over what to bring and what not to bring and pack accordingly. Please note we have limited space so please bring only what you need. Your clothing should fit into two medium sized suitcases.

Out-of-State Applicants: For those who are applying from out-of-state, the interview process can be done over the phone. Simply fax or mail us the application and then call to set up an over-the-phone interview. Once the interview is complete, we will be able to make an assessment as to whether or not Teen Challenge is right for you. Please note Teen Challenge does not offer a clinical drug or alcohol assessment. Our assessment is made through questions created specifically for the Teen Challenge program and is not applicable to assessments required by the court system. If you have any other questions about the application process please feel free to give us a call. We will be glad to help you in any way that we can.