Auto Donation Program

How to Donate Your Vehicle

  1. Complete our online questionnaire or submit your comments via email or call 414-527-CARS(2277) to speak with someone in person.
  2. We will call you and review your options concerning your vehicle.
  3. We will arrange a day to pick up your vehicle (free of charge) and begin the process of your contribution to teen challenge and the community.
  4. Once the car arrives at our facility, we will complete the titling paperwork and then mail your “501c3 donation” tax-deductible receipt for the fair market value of up to 500.00. if the vehicle sells for over 500.00, we will generate a revised receipt deductible for the full amount that the vehicle was sold for.
  5. During our afternoon work call, our students will do minor repair work and detail the vehicle. As licensed wholesale dealers, we will then either sell the car at auction or to one or several local used car dealers. We also receive many irreparable vehicles which we sell to a salvage yard.